Got Milk??

We do!

Finally!! We are now eating 100% whole milk! YAAAAAYYYYY!

No more formula for us.

Our pocket book is grateful.

I never thought this day would come! Luckily we bought a little fridge for the girls room and it's FULL of just milk for the girls. (well there is a thing of yogurt for tony and some jell-o, but that's it). We wouldn't have room for more than two at a time otherwise. I certainly don't have time to run to the store every other day! We are so excited. We had a little "no more formula party" when we finished the last bit. We did the DANCE OF JOY!! Do it with me now---

OK, thanks for sharing in our happiness!


Nat said…
Yeah, in a couple of months my formula days will start all over again. It's so dang expensive! Blah. But congrats on moving from that phase! I can only imagine paying for three on formula-yikes! P.S.-Jon Bon Jovi is WAY hotter now than in the 80s!
April said…
ROFL yes, the pocket book WILL be elated! I did Formula for Myranda and I thought that was pricey. Can't wait till Liam can do whole milk too... but I still have to wait till August.... sigh. It will get here soon enough I guess. :)
Matt & Rachel said…
WHOO HOO!!! What are you going to do with all that extra $$?. . . That's right dinner with the Johnsons;) Yeah cow milk!!
Katie said…
Yeah!!!! whole milk? Can I come over for a drink? Its been a long time since I've had whole milk and I'm sure it tastes like cream...mmmm

*********dancing for you*********
Katy said…

Everything seemed a little tightier for me when I made the switch. Formula takes up lots of space! and spills and stinks. I am overjoyed for you... as overjoyed as I can be at the end of pregnancy :) I guess it depends what moment you ask. :)

Eagar Fam said…
Yea! so exciting! I can't wait til Kade can just eat whatever we're eating, too. Milk, food, the whole deal. Gotta get over the "food allergy" hump. Knock on wood. It must be so much easier!

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