Another Annual ::The Pumpkin Patch::

The day after we went to Apple Hill, we all ventured over to our favorite (and closest) pumpkin patch: Dave's. The had completely re-done the layout and it was awesome. We were there on a Friday but I think on weekends they even had fair-like games (you know, like toss the ring on the bottle kind of things).

This year we were VERY adventurous----we climbed the hay bale pyramid with Papa, went through the hay-maze, rode on the hay ride pulled by a tractor AND the girls each rode a PONY!! Well, technically, Jordyn and Avery rode full sized horses. But the last one on, being Ashleigh, got the tiniest miniature pony. It was so so hilarious to see the other two on these giant horses then here comes Ash, trotting along on her shrunken one. One of the workers led the big horses but my mom and dad got to take Ashleigh around on the pony. The worker dude (whom I've dubbed "Juan") was basically trotting the horses. I had to run to catch up just so I could take a picture. Then there were my parents and Ashleigh....moseying along. Snails pace. Hilarious. But I feel like we got more of our money's worth for Ash. She was in heaven. They all were really. The other two were more like paralyzed with fear----but grinning the whole way.

After the horses, we went over to the the big blow up slide thingy. It took a little bit for the girls to figure out how to climb to the top, but once they figured it out, there was no stopping them. We literally had to peel them off of it to go home as it started to rain!

Here are a few photos and some short videos of our fun trip to the pumpkin patch:

The girls and Papa at the top of the hay pyramid!
Cornered in the hay maze :)
Loving the hay ride and the tractor
(even though the exhaust was stinky! P.U.!)

Avery atop her first horse. So proud of herself! (So were we!!)
Jordyn and her horse. They bonded instantly!
"Juan" the horse man galloping the girls
(he always poses....weird...)

Short clip of Ave and Jordy trotting along....then lapping Ashleigh on her pony. HA!
Sorry for the shakiness. I also wish I could mute myself. Sorry.

Ash bringing up the rear..... LOL!
The girls with their horses and Papa
(notice "Juan"? He's smiling for the camera!! hahahaa!)

Short video of them stopping for a hay break. Finally they slowed down!

Couldn't resist this shot. They are such big girls!!!
Climbing up the slide.

Short video of a climb and a slide.

Don't you just LOVE Fall? I love love love it. We can't wait to go back next year! Thanks for joining us Nana, Papa, Grandma and Grandpa!


Katy said…
looks like it was a blast!
Ahren said…
Your girls are adorable. It looks like you have some really fun traditions.
Sylvia said…
oh my God, beautiful treasures! :)
W said…
ja, ja ja! Very good. Congratulations.
Hello, your girls are very beautiful and your blog too, lots of adventure, fun is what we need. Living every day enjoying life!, I'm following you and would like to have the honor to be my follower as well! Moves to meet my blog and leave a comment okay? Much success!

A big hug
janzi said…
well what a delightful trio... I had five children and always wanted twins... never did have them, but you got even better, triplets I think they must be as they are all similar sizing... well done you, and your lovely blog.. happy day from across the pond!!!

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