::For Gramps::

My beloved Grandpa, Howard Vincent Schow, passed away March 29th at 2PM.

He was the kindest, funniest and bestest "good doobie" in the world. I feel so blessed to have been able to have him so long in my life and to have been able to spend so much time just being around him. I have not enjoyed being so far away these past 7 years and miss being able to spend time with him, especially saddened that I wasn't able to really say goodbye and that my girls will not get to know their wonderful GreatGramps.

He served in the Navy during WWII and lived most of his life serving the Lord, alongside his wife and eternal companion.

My most favorite memories of Gramps are playing Pollyanna before bed and then waking up to waffles made from scratch (from the Tupperware bowl in the pantry) with real crumbed bacon that was mixed into the batter. In a word: HEAVENLY. (especially when topped off with any of Gram's homemade syrups---maple, strawberry, raspberry, boysenberry, and apricot. Stinkin' Yummy.) But sometimes is was 'cream o' wheat' and toast....I usually skipped that and ate cheerios instead. But cream o' wheat was so Grandpa, too. And I will always think of him when I see some.

Here are a couple of my most recent photos of Gramps with me and the girls. I wish they would have cooperated for them and the camera...oh well. :/
Sweet Gramps just smiled through it all. June '08
(the screaming, the tears the running away...)
At least Gramps and Avery got along this day...
I see such a connection between the two of them in this photo...I just wonder what they are "communicating" to each other. Precious. (the other two....not so much)
March '09. This may have been the last time I saw him.
Avery is hiding this time around.
The following picture is so special, I almost didn't want to share it,
but I am because it's the ultimate depiction of love;
And my Grammy and Gramps last....
I miss you so terribly Grandpa.
But I know I will see you again.


Londi said…
Chels, that was such a touching post. Thank you so much for sharing it with us. I have intended to do one as well but have yet to get to that...It brought me to tears..how he will be missed. What a wonderful man, we were so lucky to have him as our gramps!
Nat said…
LOVE that last picture. What a sweet post.
Ashley A. said…
I'm so sorry about your Grandpa. I do love that last picture. I hope the trip went/is going well.
Mandyloo said…
I love this picture of their hands together. What a cherished picture it will be. It was so great to finally see each other after so many years. We can not let it be that long again! Maybe in a few weeks on a Saturday we can plan to meet somewhere and do lunch or something fun for the kids. Keep that in mind and I will talk to Curt and see what date might work for him. Love you!
Iva said…
I am so very sorry. I love the last picture. thank you so much for sharing something so near and dear to you with us.
aw, so sad and yet you have such precious happy memories. Isn't it wonderful when someone touches our lives like that ?
Brittany said…
Sorry to hear about your loss. Hope you're doing well!

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