It's a beautful day in the neighborhood....

So my mom and I took the girls to the park. I played like a little kid (after I finished reading the Lands End catalog, of course. I didn't fall in love with anything...darn) It was fun. However, I fear I will be very sore in the of me doing the zipline not included....
(you see me wayyyyyy up at the top?? the girls got NOTHIN' on me....) :)

Avery. With her wild hair.

Ashleigh. Looking a bit uncomfortable....

Photos of the gorgeous Spring foliage. It's definitely sprung here.

Happy Spring, everyone! Now, go swing on some swings! It's sooo much fun!! :)


A Roper said…
I jumped on the swings a few days ago with my girls! Swinging is so much fun! And my girls were SO impressed when I jumped off. haha! :)

Cute pics! I am LOVING the weather too!

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