It's Christmas!!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful, joyful and marvelous Christmas. I hope we all remember "the reason for the Season", the birth of our Savior. I hope we all got more than we wanted or deserved! I know I did!

We had a great day, albeit a little over-stimulating for the girls---mostly Avery. We started out the Holiday and Nana and Papas on Christmas Eve where we opened one gift each and ate dinner. We delivered some treats to people and looked at some pretty Christmas lights on our way home. I wanted to start the tradition of going on an actual walk to see the lights, but Tony is sick (great timing, right?) and by the time we headed home it was pretty late and time for me--I mean, the girls, to go to bed. I stayed up until around 3AM getting things ready for breakfast in the morning and trying to set up presents and all that jazz. The girls woke up at 7:15 (a mite earlier than usual, of course) and I kept them out of the family room until 9:15-ish with the help of Micky's Christmas movie and daddy and eventually Nana and Papa. I think this will be the first and last year I will be able to get away with that long of a pause. But we always waited for family when I was little so I plan on continuing that tradition with my own family. And when they get older, I will instate the "you must give mom a good back massage before you can see any presents" rule when they get older. My dad had a pretty good idea and I think I will try and keep that tradition alive, too! :) After we opened our loot, we ate breakfast of Potato and Basil Frittata, Mini Dutch Babies with cinnamon sauce, mixed fruit and your choice of hot cocoa, spiced cider, herbal tea and/or orange juice. I wanted to get the bacon wrapped smokies done, but I wasn't able to get to it. I made them after the girls went down for naps and Tony and I munched on a few for a nutritious lunch. :) After the girls woke up, we went to Nana and Papa's for MORE presents and a Prime Rib dinner. Avery was pretty much catatonic at this point, so we left to go home early and *hoped* for an early bedtime. Needless to say I wasn't able to leave their room until 10:30. Oh well. There's always tomorrow! :) Here are a couple videos and pictures of our fun day! Love you all and Merry Christmas!!


Aprillium said…
Christmas as always an overload of little kids I've decided... by the end of the day my kids were SOOOO tired (and might I say back-talky...grrrr) and we ALL konked out early. YAY! ... Looks like you had a great one!

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