Halloween '09-- "PURRRRRR!"

Yes, we were kittens this year. Mostly because I had been stewing over costumes for months without any inspiration. My mother in law bought the girls these cute halloween stripey pants and shirts with two black kitty cats on them and I decided to take the easy way out and paint some whiskers on the girls and call them "kittens". I made some dorky ears out of paper and stuck them to some headbands (of which only one broke that night, surprizingly. And AFTER trick or treating! miracles!) I pinned some black knee-highs (that I bought when the girls were tiny to make headbands---and never did) on their bums for tails.

This is what I consider their first "real" Halloween because before, they were totally oblivious to the costume and didn't really get the whole Halloween thing. This year, they were excited to be kitty cats and say 'trick or treat' and hold out the bags for candy. They get the concept---even if they do call their costumes their "Halloweens". Whenever they see their outfits they say, "Mommy! My Halloweens!!" So funny.

Jordyn LOVED the make-up. Which makes sense because she is ALLLLL girl. Ashleigh wanted the make-up, but everytime I would go to draw on her, she would move her head and say "No!". So that is why it looks as if she got into a fight with the eyeliner because, essentially, she did. Avery was good for one cheek, then decided halfway through the other, she was done and wanted NOTHING to do with whiskers, noses or anything else. So she is only half-whiskered. Oh well. It was dark anyway.

We headed out to do some trick or treating in Tony's parents neighborhood. The girls had some cute pumpkin lanterns because they really hate the dark. "it dark out siiiide", they said. We convinced them 'guide us' through the neighborhood with their lanters and they felt brave and proud to do so! We hit about 5 houses. They would go up to the door, all excited to say "Trick or Treat!", but then the door would open and they would run and hide behind us all....UNTIL Jordyn realized that she could get chocolate and she got real brave, real quick. Several times, the homeowner would put one or two in her bag and she would look down at it, then look back up and say "More!" like the person was an idiot to only give her one or two, when clearly he had a whole bowl full of candy in front of her face. Embarassing. But cute. We worked on our Thank-You's even if they were said while running down the driveway to the next house. Oh well. If they will even look at 'strangers', it's an improvement.

We proceeded to go back to Nana and Papas house and the girls plopped down just inside the entry way to scope out their loot and gorged themselves on EVERY SINGLE piece of candy in their bags. It was their first real taste of candy, and they especially loved the suckers. SUCKERS! They are the worst thing for kids under the age of maybe, 6. I think even some adults should be banned. Seriously there was sticky from here to Timbuktu. Lovely. But they enjoyed it. And I was happy to let them finish it all in one night rather than drag it out for weeks. They didn't have too much, so I was OK with it. Maybe I'm a bad mom. lol.

Here are some photos of our first "real" Halloween! BOO!


Ashley A. said…
They look so cute! I love the costumes. Yeah, my girls both like suckers best, much to my dismay, since they take forever to eat and are so messy.
Katy said…
LONG hair... that is all I have to say... oh and super cute kittens... wish we could have tagged along.


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