Move over, I'm crowded....

After an hour of naps today (and JUST as I was laying down to close my eyes) I heard someone crying "Mommy, Mommy!" This is not unusual since we've moved. The girls have become ultra dependent upon me, especially when it comes to nap and night times. I have to sit on the floor in their room, usually holding someone's hand (Avery) or holding a body (Jordyn, grr) and retrieve falling paci's (ashleigh and avery---another bad habit), until everyone is asleep. I throw in an extra 5 minutes after the last twitch of movement just for good measure. Learned that the hard way.

So, there I was, laying on the couch about to take a snooze, which I knew would be short because by the time I finished the dishes and eating my lunch, they had already been sleeping for an hour. Here's my confession. When I heard the "mommy-ing" I ducked down behind the couch cushions so whomever it was (Avery) wouldn't see me. Horrible, I know. But you can't run to them every time they make a peep. I'm trying to teach them to soothe themselves...again....

Well, I heard the pocket door slowly slide open a little, little footsteps coming, pausing, then retreating closing the pocket door again. I waited a while, fully expecting to hear toys being dumped out of the toy box and bickering over who stole what from whom, but there was just silence. Worrisome silence. Then I remembered that I needed to hurry and make sure they went on the potty, if they hadn't already gone elsewhere. So I slowly opened up the pocket door and peered through a crack...and nothing! So I thought maybe they were playing in their room, getting out shoes and things as they have been known to often do. I crept down the hall, avoiding the creaky floorboards (yes, brand new, and creaky. grr) and peeked into their room. I can see Ashleigh's and Avery's bed from the doorway and they are empty!! But I don't hear any noise...I turn back around and look in the playroom again and all is quiet. I panic and check the front door thinking they've escaped---but no! Still locked!

I decide to peek around the corner towards Jordyn's bed and the closet, thinking maybe they are inside the closet (which is also not uncommon). I beheld the cutest, most beautiful sight (so of course I ran and got my camera)

Jordyn had some bed-crashers! That's her in the blue pushed to the back of the bed.

I'm absolutely amazed that they went back to sleep after already sleeping an hour! Not sure what possessed them to climb into Jordyn's bed, or how in the world they fell asleep this way, but it was great! I went and laid down, thinking I would have 10 or 15 minutes....but then I am awoken by three happy faces 45 minutes later! Hallelujah!

And to top it all off-----They were still dry! Yippee!!!!


Hey! I finally started finding blogs for people in our ward. I'm pretty sure I would be amazed if Sam went back to sleep after an hour of sleeping, and he doesn't have any siblings to wake him up. Yay for staying dry!
Thank goodness for moments like these!!! Cutest thing ever! And hooray for a little snooze! Happy all around! By the way...your house looks awesome! Props to you!
Love it! Isn't napping so much fun! I never know what Landon is going to do. Sometimes he takes a 3 hour nap which is heavenly!
Katie said…
Dreamy..... =) the picture and the siesta you got to enjoy.
Casey's trio said…
That IS the cutest thing ever:)

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