::Two Kinds of STRESS::

I've decided that there are two kinds of stress in life:

1. The "WORRY" stress. This is the 'life and death' kind of stress. The kind that truly scares you.
My pregnancy/kids' births/infancy(toddlerhood, etc etc etc) falls under this category. I can say that that was the most stressful "worry-stress" moment of my life; and I have a feeling that will never go away.


2. The "PRESSURE" stress. This is the stress you feel when needing to complete a certain task or accomplish any kind of goal or something like that.

This is the kind of stress I'm going through now.

I have never had more "pressure-stress" than I have right at this moment.

I came upon this theory in the shower today (I so needed a moment to take a break from everything. The girls were finally asleep. I took about a 20 minute nap and then a long 40 minute, much needed, shower.) I thought for a moment "This is the most stressful moment of my life." Then I stopped and realized that wasn't exactly true and proceeded to come up with the theory that there is more than one kind of stress that we all experience. The stress I felt with the girls was equal to the amount of stress I'm feeling now, but they aren't comparable in any other way--totally different! But nonetheless, both extremely stressful.

But, we have checked several things off the list this past week and made so much progress (thanks to sooo many people---you will get proper thanks in an upcoming post :) )

-kitchen, bath and hallway cabinets-- IN!
-re-purposed old cabinets for garage storage
-appliances purchased! (all except for microwave)
-sinks purchased
-faucets, check!
-granite purchased and being fabricated as we speak---er, type
-master bedroom painted
-tony's office painted
-my closet re-structured
-pantry added on in kitchen, drywalled and mudded
-wallpaper prepped for texturing and ready to be primed (loooooong story!)
-several spaces primed and ready for painting
-lighting and outlets added throughout house
-plumber scheduled
-flooring scheduled for the 22nd

SO, a lot! But still SOOO much left to do. And oh-so-little time.

I couldn't have done any of it without help from our families and friends! A most gracious thank you to all who have had a hand in this project. I will repay you with something, I promise!!

I will be posting the before's on the other blog today, hopefully! (cross your fingers....) haha


Aprillium said…
both blogs? *looking around* I don't see another blog!!!!! GAH :)
Carr Family said…
You have done a lot!! I can't wait to see pictures!
Nat said…
WOW! I can't believe all that you've done! Go you guys! And I can't wait to see the pics (I'll be clicking over soon...)

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