Such Bad Little Girls....



Why do my children have to be SO NAUGHTY??? Is it because there are three of them vying for the same attention? Do they feel that have to out-naughty the other two sisters?? I'm completely convinced that multiples get into more mischief than singletons. Maybe this is an exaggeration, but seriously, people with multiples, is this what you have found too???

Everyday, they are getting into something they shouldn't. I mean, they ARE two years old, and we always hear about "the terrible two's"...but really?? It's not just messing up things---which they do plenty of---it's destroying things. Or getting into things that could literally kill them. The other day, Ashleigh had climbed up the cabinets, got a butcher knife out of the open drawer and had it in her hand when I walked in the room! The latch went on the next day.

We can't have nice books with any sort of pop up or texture or even paper pages---they are gone in two seconds. They even peel apart the cardboard books. Ashleigh even tears apart her fruit snack wrappers--have you ever peeled the foil from the paper on a gum wrapper? Well that's what she does with the fruit snacks.

They pick apart the seams in the toes of their footie pajamas, ripped out a zipper from a mattress cover, and the other day (same day as the paint incident, by the way...) they got into a box of my MK make-up and squirted face cream all over the carpet in their bedroom AND later on, got a box of mini cereal boxes off the counter, proceeded to open EVERY little box and spill the entire contents onto the kitchen floor:

Just a few days before, they did something so bad and dangerous, what else could I do, but video it! haha

That's an entire Costco size box of garbage bags. We've had a battle with them for a while, but they usually only get one or two out...not 150 and make SNOW ANGELS in them....can you hear the absolute delight in their mischief?? Beside the mess it makes (have you ever tried to re-pack one of those boxes once the bags have been unrolled? IM-POSS-IBLE!), I worry about them suffocating, as I've seen them try to climb in those bags. Ugh.

A lock promptly went on that cupboard too.

Ahh, the joys of two year old triplets.

At least they are cute....


Aprillium said…
ROFL, they do look like they are having fun! Maybe it's kinda like the ball gym thingies? If it's a pile of something "different" it's a blast?

So when are you have more? JUST KIDDING!!!! ROFL You have your hands full sweety, I think the chanllenges of three multiples are definately different than the challenges of having three singletons. :) Good luck with those cabnit locks! they are a godsends aren't they? :)
Nat said…
You're a good woman. And those are cute girls! Yes, I've thought about the cabinet locks with both Troy and now with Ivy. I've also thought about padded walls and straight jackets! :) Hang in there, and soon they'll get out of that phase. Someday...
Ahren said…
I love the rolling in the bags! Hilarious. They certainly add variety to your life. My mom always said that to kids "life is a playground". You're doing a great job.
I thought your post about the paint was great too. I laughed and laughed. You did a nice job of telling the story.
Kathy said…
Wow. They ARE pretty cute!

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