I have had a lot of requests for pictures of our renovation, but I don't know if y'all want me to post "BEFORE'S" and "AFTER'S" when it's all completed, or if you want "real time" progress shots???

Let me know so I can get them posted. They will be on the OTHER BLOG instead of here, just so you are aware!

so, VOTE!

thanks!! :)


Steph said…
Why can't we have both? I like the progress shots and the befores and afters. (Am I being to difficult?)
Yani said…
Katy said…
i vote: all
Chalei said…
Post it all! Hi Chelsey. Sorry it's been awhile!How exciting:-)Wish i was in our own home! Hopefully soon. Miss ya!
Ashley A. said…
I LOVE your new banner, Chelsey. What gorgeous girls!

I agree about the pictures. Post everything! :)
Carr Family said…
So I voted for progress shots because I would love to see those. But then when it's all done I think you should show the before and after to remind us. I don't think you can put up too many photos. I love see this kind of thing!!!

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