I'm having a rough one today.

My throat hurts from screaming at my children.

Yes, screaming. Judge away, if you must. I don't care.

I'm sure most of you have more control than I do, but I've reached my breaking point.

I repeatedly told my children to stay away from the blinds and the curtains but they just won't listen. Apparently while I was out of the room trying to get something accomplished, they found a marker under the couch and proceded to draw on the blinds, window, couch, lamp shade, pillows, couch again, their outfits, hands and finally their faces.

I was too enraged to take pictures, and I'm sure I'll regret that.

So much to do and I can't do anything. I'm so frustrated and sick of all of it. I love my children, but I'm going insane.

An honest post from me.


Nat said…
Been there. Done that. I've been trying to spring clean my house (which has lasted all of two seconds after the room is done, so I've had to redo the rooms-GRRR), and Ivy won't let me walk around while she's awake. Thank goodness she takes long naps, but still. I can't get a dang thing done! And it always seems the thing that you tell them NOT to do is the thing they do very first. Sorry you've had one of those days.
Katy said…
hum.... I'm feeling a bit helpless a few doors down. Do you want me to come over?
Seriously... if I don't hear from you in an hour... i will call. I am SO sorry. I would be screaming too. I seriously would put them in their beds for the rest of the day and close the door. and do whatever I wanted. This happened to my brother with his son and he took all his sons favorite everythings away but put them just out of reach where he could see them. He was a bit older though... drastic times call for drastic measures.
The Good Life said…
Sorry... :( I wish I could say something that would help but I seriously have NO motherly wisdom at all. I just try to make it through the day half the time. My mom always says "just remember this will pass". I miss your girls cute little faces. We need to come visit you, but Paige seems to always have a runny nose for some reason or another. Hang in there.
Alison said…
Hang in there! When are you coming to see Wicked again? Leave the girls here while you go. Just let me know when, and we will have a great movie and dinner night with the kids.
Aprillium said…
YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Seriously there are days when I wonder what life would have been like had I a) not had children or b) had less children. I love them but sometimes they push you TO THE LIMIT.

Hang in there. Tomorrow is another day and magic erasers are a godsend.
Tara said…
I love you honest post. Some days are rough and we just got to let it out. You are a saint and a wonderful mother.
Katie said…
Glad you're human...I was so worried. =)

Ironically, a video series I just ordered came in the mail this week. Its called Scream Free Parenting. hahahahaha....should I send it your way when I'm done?

Hope all is well. Congrats on your new house. So, are you remodeling the house you are in or are you moving into another one...confused....but perhaps cuz I haven't talked to you in almost a year. Its not cuz I don't care.....45 minutes apart is like a lifetime away when its on the freeway.
Kathy said…
Don't worry, we all have days like that too. Exeopt you have triplets, which just makes you automatically awesome! Hang in there! I know those Magic Erasers work wonders!

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