Weekend Fun

This was a fun weekend, aside from the colds we all have. Avery and Jordyn and Tony seem to be on the mend. Poor Ashleigh, who always gets the worst of it, and myself seem to be in the thick of the sickness. Yippie.
Saturday Tony had a black tie awards banquet for his work that we attended. It was fun to get all dolled up. Stressful to find appropriate clothing and such, but still very fun. I look forward to several of these types of events in the coming years. You can read more about my adventures in clothing and accessories for the night here.
Then Sunday was the Super Bowl. Tony is a huge fan of the Steelers. His dad was born and raised in the Pittsburgh area, so it's in the blood I think. We went over to the LaPlaca's house in the afternoon for food and the game. The girls were a bit mellower than usual because they were sick, and that was fine with me (and everyone else!) It was a fun time. We are glad that the Steelers are the champs again! Here are some pics of the day:
Big head. Tiny feet.
A face only a mother could love......


Ashy crashing the party...

Ashy and Momma in our Steelers black and gold!


Chalei said…
They are sooo cute! Ryan loves the steelers too. Good thing they won or he would've been in a bad mood all night! Miss You
Lianna said…
hey girl...thanks for your comments on my blog. I love bare escentuals foundation!!
Your girls are getting so big!!!
also, if you need it our blog address is www.jaredandlianna.blogspot.com
Carr Family said…
I love that last picture with your girls all in the chair. So cute!! We had fun during the super bowl too. Living in PA everyone we know are HUGE Steelers fans. So it was fun. I think I have sent you an invite to our family blog. If not let me know. Our address is
Johnson Family said…
Hope your girls are feeling better. They couldn't be any cuter:)

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