<<<<< Five GLORIOUS Years >>>>>

Yes, we've now been married for five years. And yet, it feels like longer.... :D

No, truthfully, it is weird to think we've been married five years. In that short span of time, just like in all marriages, we've had ups and downs, tears and laughter and we've acheived the greatest thing ever imaginable together---raising our three beautiful daughters.

I can't imagine Tony not being in my life. He's a great influence on me, like helping me to come out of my shell and to enjoy the little things in life. I am happy and content even to just sit on the couch and watch TV with him. He makes me laugh, he's the greatest and most helpful dad and he is my best friend and the one person to whom I can tell anything.

{{Thank you, Tony, for 5 wonderful years together. I look forward to experiencing more of life's great challenges and adventures with you. I LOVE YOU!!!}}


Nat said…
Congrats on #5! Wow, it doesn't seem that long, but then it also seems like forever. I love that pic of you and Tony. Gorgeous!
congratulations!So happy for you guys. What a sweet picture! love it.
Karebear said…
I didn't know your anniversary was one day before mine. How funny!
Happy Anniversary!
chelzers said…
I should clarify that our anniversary is the 12th (well, married the 12th 2003 sealed the 11th 2004) I wrote this in advance because who knows what life brings... but I forgot to change the date! So sorry for any confusion!
The Good Life said…
Happy Anniversary! That is a great picture that you should frame if you haven't already. Hope you had a great year and an even better one ahead!
Yani said…
I love the pic you posted, you are a beautiful lady and both are such a cute couple! congrats in your anniversary
Casey's trio said…
Happy 5th anniversary. Beautiful picture:)
Kathy said…
You are gorgeous!!! Yes yes have it framed! You are a beautiful mommy and wife. Congratulations!!!

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