I just wanted to post a message to the greatest daddy in the world! We are so lucky to have such an awesome guy in our lives.

Here are some of our favorite things daddy does:

1. He does our laundry (and that's A LOT of laundry)

2. He cooks us dinner most nights

3. He cleans up after himself

4. He sings and dances for us to make us giggle

5. He gives us the best kisses

6. He rubs my head to calm me down (from Avery)

7. He works hard so we can live so comfortably

8. And best of all, he loves us more than ANYTHING in the WORLD!

(I could go on and on about how wonderful Tony is, but I'll stop here)

WE LOVE YOU DADDY!!! We are glad you are ours!


Matt & Rachel said…
Way to go Dad! You can see on their darling faces how much they adore you both! Too cute
Angela said…
Tony, you rock! The first three on that list amaze me. Laundry?! Awesome.

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