Happy Late 2008!

I thought I posted a New Years blog, but I guess not!
So-----Happy New Year!
We are so excited to start a new year and have a sybolic and literal fresh start in our lives. I don't make official resolutions because I end up feeling more guilt than I already do about the stuff I don't get done. But what I DO do is constantly work on improving myself in all areas-including: mental, physical, emotional and spiritual. If I wrote out everything I needed to do in each category, it would take me SEVERAL new years to even get through it all. But as long as I'm constantly striving to make changes for the better, that's all I can hope for!
I guess that makes me feel somewhat better about my lack of accomplishment. :)
I am so happy with my life and I am grateful for the past wonderful and crazy year. I can't wait to see what new adventures this year will bring!
So, here's to no resolutions!! CHEERS!


April said…
Amen to that!!!
Matt & Rachel said…
I feel the same way. You said it perfectly! Here's to the New Year!

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