Doctor and etc.

Well it's been a crazy few weeks.

I feel like I say that a lot.....

The girls had their one year immunizations on the 17th. Yay. It's always so fun to be at the doctors office. We try to sit as far away from all the other ill people but it's a small waiting room. And it always takes at least 1.5 hours from start to finish (but usually 2) because it takes three times as long (obviously). Then we have to get them poked. They LOVE that part. Actually, they recover within 15 seconds usually. So it's not that bad. But they always have fevers and stuff the following day or three. Fun. (side note---All three got sick with high fevers and icky noses. grrrr. we keep them inside to protect them until they are ready to fight things off on their own and they get sick at the doctor's office when they go to get their shots. Fabulous.)
Anyway----As we were getting ready to leave, the doctor leaves the room and brings in another doctor. She comes in, all smiles, and is looking at all the girls. The doctor points to Ashleigh, whom I'm holding, and says, "this is ashleigh". She comes over and looks at her kinda close in the eyes, then starts to feel her head. My mommy bells were going off and Tony and I exchanged a questioning look. So the other doc says something to our doc in softer tones, but all I heard was "yes, I think we should". Should what??? Then the doctor says, "I'm going to send you to the hospital to get a head CT of Ashleigh." Tony and I look at each other again and I mouth, 'what??' Tony asks him why and the doctor says, nonchalantly, "Oh, just to rule out some things." With more prying we find out that her soft spot has closed and her head has always measured large (which -for the record- has been a concern of mine since day one!) So then Tony asks, "Well, what are you looking for?" Then he pauses and just says "Just trust me. Do you trust me?"


OK, now I know he was probably trying not to get us worried over nothing, but I tend to be on the paranoid side of things and his answer of "trust me" just did not fly. But that was all we were going to get out of him, and we DO trust him. So we waited. And I googled. A lot.

I'm sufficiently scared at what I find online. But I also find that it could be nothing and that the average age for anterior fontanelle closure is 12-14 months (ranging from 8-24 months). So I'm slightly less worried and after some prayer and fasting, I don't have a bad feeling at all. I just had the thought that if there was something there, we would be able to fix it. No doubt.

We arrive at the hospital a few days later at 8AM for our 9AM appointment, as requested. 15 minutes pass and the nurse comes to get us. We are not looking forward to sedating her, because who knows. Anything can happen when you get sedated, especially in one so young and fragile. When we got to the room with the big scanner, Ashleigh took one look at the male nurse/technician and burst into tears. She was doing so well for being woken up early and not being able to eat milk since midnight the night before. Well, time was taking its toll on her. and she did not want anything to do with that 'stranger'. After some discussion with the female nurse, we decided to try it without sedation (if she cooperates). So we have to ask the guy to leave the room after he put a huge velcro thing the size of her tiny body around her. Tony was on one side and I was on the other. We had to hold her while they lined up the little laser light grid on her face. Once lined up, I had to hold her chin so she could lay perfectly still. At this point she was screaming her head off and trying to move, but I held tight. I know as hard as it was, I would rather hold her now than give her something that we all will have to recover from all day, not to mention the risks involved. Luckily, once the table she was laying on started to move, she was distracted for a moment and calmed down. The test is a short (and llloooong!) 30 seconds. We had to wait a few minutes for a doctor to check it to make sure it worked and it turned out it was perfect!! Yay! We don't have to do it again! That truly was a miracle.

So now all that's left is waiting. And waiting.

Luckily the test results came quickly (after we pestered the docs office for them) and the results were negative. (Read: Normal!) Yay! I knew it would be ok. The doc said we would just keep an eye on it. Phew. We are so glad. And soooo blessed. Every day.


April said…
Boy, do I know how that goes. I had to take G in for a MRI when he was 6mnths old. Not my idea of fun.
I'm so glad that everything turned out ok! The waiting can be killer.
Katy said…
wow! Chelsey... I had no idea. "Trust Me" ...?... %$#@ no! I can't believe you guys had to deal with that. I'm so sorry. Poor girl. I am glad it all went well! Your girls are darling!


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