Goin' in the TRASH!

I wish my garbage bags were as glamorous as these:
....but then again, you are literally throwing your money in the trash.
(They are cute, none-the-less.)

Anyways, this post is not about cute garbage bags.

It's about reaching a breaking point.

This is what I deal with on a daily, or even hourly basis:

No, no. A tornado did NOT pass through here, despite the tipped over toys and chairs and miscellaneous items strewn about.
This is AFTER Jordyn put all the books and some of the toys away. Yes, this is after a good amount of cleaning.
On any given day, we will spend a good 30-40 minutes cleaning up their mess, only to have it destroyed again a couple hours later. I've tried explaining when they are done with one toy, to put it away before getting out another.
No. That would make too much sense, mom.
And instead of changing clothes 50 times a day, just get dressed ONCE, maybe TWICE if you get your clothes dirty.
And Ash, why don't you try to wear ONE layer of clothes instead of two tops, a tutu, leggings, legwarmers AND socks.....just to change again 7 minutes later. But I hate to stifle your individuality. Oh wait, YOU'RE THREE! Grr.
Can you tell I'm a little peeved?
Yesterday, I had had it with asking, begging, pleading and bribing my girls to clean up. So I said, "Fine. You don't clean them up? I will just throw them all away."
I proceeded to get a garbage bag and approached Avery, who was playing with a MagnaDoodle toy instead of cleaning, "Hand it over!"
She looks at me, sticks her bottom lip out, and in a pouty voice she says, "O-kay..."
She then starts picking up a few toys and putting them in the garbage bag.
I'm trying not to laugh, but I say to her, "Avery, you know that these toys are going in the garbage, right? You will NEVER see them again. They will be GONE Forever!"
She musters a sad, "mmhmm"
So I asked her, "Avery, why do you want to throw your toys away?"
Without skipping a beat she says,
"Cuz I don't want to clean them!"
I was dying. Then I decided that I was rewarding her by letting her throw her toys away. Now I'm back to square one and I'm still left with a messy playroom.
I need a large Mountain Dew. Or six.....


A Roper said…
OH Chelsey! Every mother can relate to this post!!! Liberty didn't realize I was right (about putting toys away to avoid messes) until she turned six. So you only have 3 years left!!! Haha! :) But seriously, I know how frustrating it is! In the past year my kids (only the 2 oldest) have learned to put away toys "properly", although Audrey still tries to just through everything on the floor of the closet. Hang in there!!!! It will get better.
Aprillium said…
Maybe the solution would be to "put away" some of the toys for a while so there aren't so many to clean up. That way you wouldn't be throwing them away, you could rotate them back in, she wouldn't be being rewarded by you throwing them away, but she would have less to clean up. And who knows... maybe having them "put away" for a while would help her understand what getting rid of them would really mean. Could she have been calling your bluff?

Your a great mom Chels, I have NO IDEA how you manage three the same age. You amaze me!
The Good Life said…
My hat goes off to you. Paige is only one 3 year old, and most days I want to wring her neck or trade her in for an obedient model. Just know that my house is always messy until nap time and bed time. Paige helps put toys away before sleeping but lets face it, I do most of it. At least while they sleep you can enjoy the calm clean living room and then mess it up again until bed. Your girls are darling and totally normal 3 year olds! Hang in there. :)
I know the feeling. I'm starting to loath toys that have many parts to them (blocks, puzzles, etc.). I've just simply decided to clean up at the end of the day until Sam gets older and understand cleaning up 'cause otherwise, I think I'd end up in the nuthouse. I can't imagine that times three! Hang in there, mama!
Nat said…
Oh man, the story of my life! We've tried the rotating thing, but then they start asking for some toys that are in other bins. So that didn't work. But all our toys fit into three plastic bins. And about twice a year I have the kids organize and clean up really well, then we go through and each kid can pick his/her favorite 10 toys, and the rest we get rid of. (When I say 10, though, if they pick a dinosaur they get all the dinosaurs.) And I explain to them that we're giving the toys they don't play with to kids that can't afford new toys. Sometimes I go through the toys and get rid of the ones that we have a million of (McDonald's toys) or the ones that are broken.

Jake has finally understood the concept of play with something, and then put it back. So hang in there, they'll figure it out. As far as clothes go, I would just put the other clothes (the ones worn for 5 minutes) back in the drawer. Or lock the room where the clothes are kept, which is what I have to do to the pantry so my kids don't eat two weeks' worth of fruit snacks in one sitting.
HAhahahahaha! This was so me! When my Dad told me to put away my laundry or he was going to throw it away I like, Okay. If I haven't worn it then I don't need it. He was not thrilled about that. And look, I turned out just fine and my parents still love me... I think.

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