{Ariel Jr.}

Little Miss Ashleigh is obsessed with a certain Disney Princess-----ARIEL.

Everything she does, she does "Just like Ariel". I'm told this 100 times a day. "Look mom! Just like ARIEL does!" as she's "brushing" her hair or whatever else she can think of that "ariel does". Luckily, she hasn't tried using a fork yet...at least not that I've seen. Heaven forbid she tries. With that mop we call hair it'd FOR SURE get stuck and we'd have to shave her head to get it out. *crossing fingers* she doesn't try it.
We've watched The Little Mermaid 4 times just today and she has been wearing this green halter dress for three days straight. I know I'm the mom, and I can choose what they watch and blah blah blah.

So I'm an enabler. So what? :)

I have to admit, it's really cute. And I love the music in the movie, so we sing and dance along to the different scenes. Can I tell you how humorous it is to over-hear three 3 year olds trying to sing the famous "ahh-ahh-ahhhhh, ah ah ahhh -ahh ahhhhh" part? It sounds akin to three corpses who've come back to life. But it's really cute. And I think it's helping them hone their pitch and singing skills. I'm ALL for that!
So I walk out of the kitchen to sing my favorite part with them (when she rescues Eric from the shipwreck and she's out in the water, sitting on a rock singing about her longing to be "where the people are" and the dramatically timed wave bursts up behind her. You know what part I'm talkin' about!) and I see Ashleigh on her little green folding chair like this (note the TV screen in the background):

"Part of yourrrrr......WOOOOOORRRRRRRLLLLLLD!"
The chair is her "rock" and she dramatically throws her head back right on cue with the waves. HAAAAA! I had to run get my camera, it was just too funny. She is such a drama queen. And she is convinced that she lives in the castle that they show at the beginning of every Disney show. She is going to flip when we someday make it to Disneyland. In fact she may pass out with overwhelming emotions. {referencing her dramatic ways} :)
Personally, I think all Disney shows are too scary for kids. There is a part in all of them that the girls cry about it being "too scary" and they run and hide. I mean, have you seen Ursula? She's freaky. (Katy, I always think of Lucy when I just say 'Ursula'. That probably sounds terrible to people who don't know what I'm talking about, hahaha!!!)
Anyways, Disney=Drama. It drives me crazy. But I guess they have to make stuff that the adults enjoy too. Oh well. I will enjoy my children's innocence and princess-obsessions for as long as I can. Because I know, all too soon, that will be gone and replaced by other things.....I don't want to talk about it. I'm in denial that my girls will ever grow up to be teenagers.....


Steph said…
That is sooooo stinkin' CUTE!!! That was my favorite movie growing up and whenever I would go swimming somewhere, I'd imagine I was Ariel. So cute!
Londi said…
Oh my gosh! that has to be the cutest thing ever!! Girls are so much fun!! I love it when they use their imaginations..your girls are dolls! :)
Londi said…
I used to love that movie as well..so cute!
Nat said…
That is so cute! It reminds me of when my sister Lex was, like, 3, and she and I would do the bargaining part between Ursula and Ariel (me being Ursula, of course). We watched that movie so often that the tape (yep, good ol' VHS) got all staticky looking during the "Kiss the Girl" part.
Brittany said…
That is sooo funny! I love kids and the things they do and how much they enjoy life! Your family is adorable!
Ha!!! I totally laughed out loud at the sight of her on her "rock". Adorable!!!

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