This picture will make much more sense in a minute. ;)

I was just tucking in the girls for naps and I told them that if they stayed in their beds and took looooong naps that they could have a cookie when they got up. (yes, bribery works sometimes. I prefer to call it incentive.) :)

Avery asked,

"Can you put a candle in it so we can blow it out?"

Thinking this was a little odd, I said,
"We don't put candles in cookies, sillies! We only blow out candles on our birthdays. That's what makes birthdays so special because we do special birthday things!"

And they all responded,
"And make wishes!!!!"

"Yes, wishes too!" I replied, with a slight chuckle.

Avery piped up, "I'd wish for a new doll!"

Ashleigh: "I wish for a new rainbow!"

"OK..." I said (restraining the laughter.)

Then Jordyn says, "I'd wish for a new sarr!!" {aka: car}.

She continued after pausing a moment to think,
"...a BLACK one wif yeyyow wheews!!" (with yellow wheels).

HAA-HAAAA! Good luck with that one, Jordy.

I don't know where they come up with these things. They are too funny.


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