First Day of Potty Training

OH Joy.

Can you hear the excitement in my tone?

We are going with the cold turkey method. No diapers or pull-ups in the house. Just the 33 pairs of big girl underwear I purchased and 3 little IKEA potties. We won't be leaving the house for 3 days. Hopefully 3 will be the magic number!!!
We have a "Potty Time" dry erase board with each of their names written across the top. Everytime the go Number One they get ONE star and TWO chocolate chips. If they go Number Two, they get TWO stars and FOUR chocolate chips. It's cheap and I had it all on hand.

We've reached the close of our first day and each girl has five "#1" stars, we've gone through about 10 pairs of underwear and only about 5 accidents (with three kids, I expected tons more).
We shall see what the night brings....I think I may need to buy some more sheets.....


Steph said…
Good Luck. I don't know what this is like, you know, potty training someone else. I do, however, love the picture! Oh the adventures of motherhood.

Love ya!
Katy said…
you go... and DON't give up. It is easier once than forever. You can do it, just expect misery and then eternal bliss and money to spend that isn't tied up. Seriously... DON"T QUIT! are you going to need daily potty training pump up emails from me? Because I can SO do that!
I need some 'Katy, forgive" emails. more details to come!
The Good Life said…
CONGRATULATIONS! You made it through the first day! Wow what a feat! I am super scared to potty train Paige. Let me know what your successes were so that I can use them! Good luck.
Nat said…
Oh, you brave woman. I'm having a hard time building up to training my ONE child-I can't imagine doing three at once! Good luck, and I hope it goes smoothly.

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