End of Day 3

So, yesterday ended rather well. There was only one accident the ENTIRE day, and of course it was a messy #2. I can't blame her...those sneak up on adults too. Sorry, TMI. I'm trying to be as clinical as possible all while documenting this for posterity. :)


We all woke up wet this morning.

Oh well.

I guess I need to reward them for waking up dry. Hopefully that will work.


Casey's trio said…
Woo-Hoo for little successes in potty training:) I think staying dry all night is the most challenging. At first, I just kept the girls in diapers overnight until they started staying dry in the morning consistently. It just meant that I had to be more diligent about going in to get them right away in the morning when they woke up instead of letting them play in their cribs a little. Ya know, that extra 15 minutes of sleep you can sneak in if nobody is screaming their head off to get up? :)
Johnson Family said…
Potty training is soooo fun:) Just when they get the hang....they forget:) good luck! Miss you:(
Nat said…
Yeah, I can handle the pee accidents, but the poop-UGH! That's one of the several reasons I don't want to potty train yet, even though it is SO time.
Katie said…
Yay! Such a milestone. There is just a freedom in not buying diapers anymore!

Wait, did you wake up wet too? lol

I hope you are well.....=) The girls are getting big. I haven't seen you guys in a long time.

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