Day 2 (And 1/2 of day 3)

Well, I see marked improvement!!

Yesterday (day two!) all of the girls woke up dry both in the morning and after naps. I had to do a song and dance (figuratively...AND literally, unfortunately) to get them to sit on their potties after waking, since I KNEW they hadn't gone since before falling asleep. It took a bit, but finally they ALL sat down at different points and went! Success!! Ashleigh is pretty much trained at this point. She got it the first day and doesn't even need reminders to go. She even went #2 without me asking. Jordy also did a #2 yesterday. Apparently Avery needs more fiber in her diet... She is the hardest of all of them to get to sit at all. But, she figured it out yesterday and kept her big girl undies dry from nap-time until this morning. Yay!

Day three.

Ashleigh and Avery woke up dry. Jordyn did not. Not sure what happened, because she's usually pretty good. She must have been awake and silent in her room for a while and just forgot about the potty. But, she went later on and no one has had an accident since. No one would go before naps, so I'm a little worried about what might happen in the next hour or so until wake up time. I will just need to make sure and hurry in there at any signs of life. Wish me luck!

I'm not sure when they are considered officially "potty trained", though. I can't imagine being at the point when they will sit on the "BIG" potty and just go when they need to. I still feel like I have to ask them 8 THOUSAND times an hour if they need to go....I guess I'll 'just know', right???

I'm hoping..... :S


Amy Roper said…
I am so HAPPY for you!!! And a bit jealous! :) My potty training experiences were much more stressful! I'm sure it helps that they have each other---a little peer pressure, right? :) I can't believe they are dry at night as well. That's CRAZY!!! My girls still aren't dry at night!!! I swear I'll be buying pull-ups and diapers for the next 10 years!!! :)

Congratulations on your success!!!
Katy said…
wow! great success! Lucy still needs help going. She always likes attention though so we reward her if she can go into the bathroom, wipe, flush and come out with her clothes on. Usually this doesn't happen. It is just a part of life now and not a stressful one. "potty trained" will know but if you are blogging about it maybe give it a few more days :)

pousco... ugh... I will cut and paste from here
Aprillium said…
Hey ya wanna come potty train my kids? seriously I know don't know ANYONE that has had as many issues with potty training as my kids. :P Aw well... it has to end by the time they hit high school ...right? :S
Nat said…
Oooh, I'm jealous! My kids have taken WAY longer to "get" it. I feel like they're potty trained when they do it all on their own, but it sounds like your girls are well on their way.

Just think how awesome it will be when you don't have to buy diapers any more! All that extra money...

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