I Finally Did It!

This is going to come out entirely wrong, but I promise I will explain what I mean.

I finally showered on my own!!

That truly is the most accurate and succinct way of putting it.

Now before your mind starts processing...WHAT I MEAN IS... Yesterday, for the FIRST time since the girls were born, I didn't have to have another person in my house to be with my children while I showered!! WOO HOO!! (technically, I tried it once before, but the girls were all strapped in their little seats in the bathroom with me and I had to have the sliding shower door open so they could see me. They screamed the entire time. I was lucky to get the shampoo rinsed out of my hair that day. I swore that I would NEVER do that again.) I've always had to make plans in advance for when I wanted to shower. Either I had to work around my husbands unpredictable schedule or arrange for my mother in law to come over or something. And a lot of the time felt I had to 'hurry' so everyone could get back to what they needed to do.

But today I got them all to sleep and I thought I would give it a shot.

Jordyn was asleep on the couch.

Ashleigh and Avery were asleep in the crib.

I was alone!!


I know you are probably thinking, 'doesn't that happen every day?' No. It is only by a few miracles that all three of them sleep at once, for the same duration, at any given point in the day. Even if they all fall asleep at the same time, usually Jordyn will wake up and cry for me or need me there with her long before the other two wake.

I sprinted into the shower, occasionally opening the door to listen for screams. But I didn't necessarily rush because I didn't want to ruin the chance that I just *might* have a leisurely shower free from children. I heard nothing but the sweet sounds of silence! I got out of the shower and put my ear up to the monitor to see if I could even hear the rustling sound of their feet on the mattress. All was quiet! I peered around the corner to see if Jordyn was still asleep. She had shifted positions, but was still sound asleep. Yippie! I had to text Tony to tell him my news! He replied, "Atta girl". I was so ecstatic. So I decide to push my luck a little further....

I proceeded to give myself a mini-facial, I painted my finger nails, did a hair treatment and then I finally heard a noise behind me. In bounded Jordyn. Happy and awake. And I was truly happy to see her! I even painted her toe nails for being such a good sleeper.

I know this probably all sounds so minuscule to you, but to me, I feel like I've won a war! Or a battle. Is that too negative? OK, maybe I feel like I've won a gold medal! =}



Casey's trio said…
It's the liitle thing Chelsey that make all the difference!!

The Pupkin patch we went to is called Fog Willow in the Elk Grove/Wilton area. They have a website so google it! Have fun. Should be a nice weekend to go.
Lindsay said…
Love It. I know how precious a shower can be, especially when it always has to be rushed. Im with Tony ATTA Girl. Still hoping for a night out.
Kathy said…
Showers are important to a mommy! You deserve it! Mommy metal to you! That's really rough to not have that precious nap time, cause one of them might wake up, oh Chelsey! I'm praying you can get in some more shower time...and a little extra too!
Kathy said…
By the way, thanks for your posts on my blog! You are so sweet Chelsey! I feel we are "kindred spirits" too! It's amazing you have these three little angels to care for and you are doing an awesome job!
Lianna Jackson said…
I have just caught up on your blog and I am so loving it...especially the duct tape!!!! You are hilarious! I dont know how you keep up the energy with three toddlers! Youre truly amazing Chelsey! I so admire you. Congrats on the peaceful shower too! That is HUGE!
Love ya girl
Nat said…
It really is all about the little things. And since I'm imagining you don't get a lot of alone time, like most moms with little kids, the shower is the oasis-the one haven where you can be just with YOU. Congrats! I hope you get more of 'em!
Katy said…
Yeah!!! This is wonderful. It didn't update on my list until now, so sorry I missed this AMAZING news until now. Great work! Seriously, time alone... ahh! Does it get any better than that. Funny though how when I have TOO much, I start to miss my little ones.

luv ya
The Good Life said…
You deserve the biggest gold medal ever given! But your reward is better than that. You get three little girls that adore you more than anything or anyone else on the planet! Congrats on getting a little time for you!
Katie said…
So funny...... YAY CHELSEY! and Avery and Jordyn and Ashleigh.

What were they for Halloween? Peas in a pod again?
Brittany said…
I had no idea you had triplets! I'm so glad you found my little blog. I just started and haven't made time for updates! I'm sure you are sooo busy! Keep it up, I know you're a great Mom!!

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